Valdemar Lara

Born and raised on the east side of Los Angeles, Valdamar has lived in Lincoln Heights throughout most of his adolescents. He has overcome many of the pit falls that urban youth of East LA face and received his high school diploma from Cathedral High School in 1995. In Lara’s attempt to be productive and successful he pursued high learning and received his Associate Degree from Brooks College in “Multi-Media and Graphic Design”. After nine years in the industry, today he is one of Los Angeles most sought after graphic designers, with a client list ranging from Tower Records US and Japan, CK, Nike Japan, I.G.A., to name a few. However, in spite of Lara’s successful career he still finds time to give back to the urban community through volunteering with the youth group of a Catholic church. He is also extremely involved in his son’s school and after school activities, to be a positive role model for the kids of the community. Believing that he could contribute more, Lara joined Urban Born as the youngest board member, serving as the organization’s Vice President. Which allows him the opportunity to use his talents and love for art and life with the youth from the same neighborhood he grew up in.


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