La Tasha Langerston

La Tasha Langerston services as an Urban Born board member in the officer position of Secretary, as well as on the front line in aiding the organization with accomplishing its goal to save urban youth through her education and life experiences. She is a native of Shreveport, La. and the proud wife of Urban Born and Phatefx, Inc.’s founder Johnel Langerston, Sr. and mother of Johnel Langerston, Jr. Due to her high value for a good education La Tasha received her Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Nova Southeastern University, and a screenwriting certificate from UCLA. In pursuit of her goal to create educational, positive and inspiring content for the entertainment and literary industries, La Tasha left corporate America in Atlanta, GA. and relocated to Los Angeles, CA. Where she practically instantly won the title “Ms. Black California USA;” which helped launched her career as a columnist, author (Single But Never Alone: How to Find Contentment in Your Season of Singleness) and public speaker. In addition to working along side her husband with Urban Born and Phatefx, La Tasha has launched their third company Velvet Steel Consulting (, a small business, professional and personal consulting company.


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